Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Because He Lives Be Not Afraid Only Believe

Forever Brothers
Tortillas for the week: 25

I don’t have changes in other words I won’t be leaving huehue, so this will be my quinto cambio aqui en huehue (fifth change here in huehue), that is a long time. Elder Chavez is done with his training program and has been assigned to a new area. I will be training again so I will be here for at least another six weeks. Only three people in the zone have changes, which was a huge shock.
I'm A Missionary I Know It, I Live It And I Love It!
Alright let’s get to work, so this week was crazy. Elder Perry and I have been together doing house checks for 3 days this week (checking to see if the missionaries’ houses are clean). It was crazy since we don’t know where all the sisters live so had to do some house hunting with a missionary couple so they could check out the sisters’ cleanliness. On top of the house checks I also had 2 meetings to attend. So Saturday was the only day I was home in the morning to help Elder Chavez with the remainder of his training program. We also had district meeting so this week really has been non-stop.
Bringing The World His Truth
Yep this week has flown by, it just seems like each week gets busier; especially this week. I had to show Elder Perry all the investigators we were teaching and Elder Chavez was showing Elder Figueroa other contacts we had because I honestly thought Elder Chavez and I were both going to be changed. I was wrong which is nice because we found a very sweet family to share the gospel with. Here is the story, so last week Elder Chavez and I were standing in front of a members house and talking about where to go, and then a lady we looked so familiar passed by and we stood there with a look on our face of I know you but who are you. She told us I’m going to my house because my kid is sick. A minute or two after she left we both looked at each other and said we should go find her but we could never find her house. As we were looking for her house we both realized where she worked, so Elder Chavez went inside the store and asked where she lived. Crazy thing is where she lives is on street we have never knocked doors. Later on Elder Perry and I go over to her house with a member and have a very special lesson. As we sit down to teach her we start off building a relationship of confidence so she feels comfortable with us. We then share with her what we believe. We could feel the spirit so strong. We also showed her the video message GRACIAS A QUE ÉL VIVE (Because He Lives) http://www.mormon.org/easter After we watched it you could see the spirit touch this lady and her Dad. We testified of Christ and that He lives and we also testified that Joseph Smith is a profeta and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. As I testified the lady and her Dad both nodded their heads in agreement. This has never happened before. It was a very special lesson and what a way to end the day since that day everything fell through and things were looking horrible. The tender mercies of the Lord fill the soul with indescribable joy and gratitude.
Elder Smith And Elder Mac Reunited 
To end this e-mail I want to end with this experience. Yesterday we had a stake activity for the young men; at the end of the activity we had an hour to take these young men and knock doors. I left with my group and it starts raining which was sweet; these young men got a real mission experience. We knocked 5 doors, 2 weren’t home and 3 were but we never got invited inside. Even though we didn’t get invited in to any of the houses each young man was able to share their testimony at each doorstep. The experience that happened at the last door was amazing. One of the elders says lets knock this last door before we go back. So I said let’s do it. A white man answered the door and as soon as I saw him I knew he wasn’t going to be able to speak in Spanish; we asked him a few questions in Spanish and he said lo siento no tengo interese. So I quickly said ud sabe ingles? He said yes. I asked him where he was from and he said Canada. Then Elder Robleo who is from the states asked him, “What’s your opinion about the Mormon church?” He said he didn’t have one. Then Elder Robleo asked this man, “Do you believe in Jesús Cristo?” The man says yes but I have my doubts. I asked what are your doubts and he responded with this: there is just so much suffering, and it’s not right. I said I know and it breaks Christ’s heart, but there is opposition in all things and that is the way we learn and grow. I said, if you kneel down tonight and ask through prayer with all the humility of your heart, Christ will answer your prayer and tell you that He loves you. I know He does and I promise you that is true. When I said those words, it wasn’t me who said them, they came from the Savior of the world through the spirit. I was just blessed to be the vessel to share those words with him. After we left Elder Robelo said Elder Mac I felt the spirit so strong when you invited him to pray and then Elder Salazar who is kind of learning English and only has one change in the mission said he also felt the spirit when I said those words. It was a sweet experience since we had those three young men with us who don’t know English but were able to witness that there is one language when it comes to the spirit. I testify this is God’s work and He works with the language of the spirit to touch the hearts of His children.
Elder Chavez's Graduation Feast
What I love about Mom is that she made me breakfast every morning and what I love about Dad is the priesthood sessions we went to together.

Con mucho amor, ducks forever
Elder Mcilmoil 
March 30, 2015
Fiesta de Cumpleaños
Scripture of the week: Mark 5:36 

“President Hinckley received a mission call to England—at the time the most expensive mission in the world, with no equalization plan as there is today. As he prepared to leave, with all of these emotions and such potential problems troubling him, his beloved father, Bryant S. Hinckley, quietly handed him a card on which were written just five words: “Be not afraid,” it said, “only believe.” I am still not sure why that little story, told 20 years ago, has affected me so much, but it has.” Elder Holland 
Elder Perry And Elder Mac: Zone Leaders Hard At Work
El Esta Aquí 
Discover, Embrace, Share

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