Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Keep The Temple In Your Sights

Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple
My Favorite Place To Be: The Temple
Tortillas for the week: 35 

So where to begin this week, the branch had two sealing’s in the temple in Xela and we are going to have a baptism this week. The branch is really changing. I had more than six hours of interviews this week and I am dead, but it is all worth it. THE BIG NEWS...READY...I TOOK PHONES IN ENGLISH CLASS!! (My dad would be so proud...hahahaha.)
English Class=No Phones
I was able to meet and talk with a less active who knows English because he lived in the States. So we talked in English. All l can say is wow, the spirit was so strong and he even said I can really feel how strong the spirit is. This conversation was the most powerful, testimony bearing one on one conversation I have ever had in my life. I asked him how much he remembers about the restoration of the gospel and he said to tell you the truth I don’t remember very much, I have forgotten most of it. So I reviewed it with him and when started to talk about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon just wow, I give praises to my Lord my God all the day long. As we read the first vision together it seriously felt like we were in the grove with Joseph. I testified to him that Joseph did see God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I asked him do you know these things to be true, he said no, I don’t but I believe them to be true. I then asked some basic questions, do you believe that Joseph saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ and he said yes with all my heart. He then said I believe the Book of Mormon to be true with all my heart and I believe in these things with all my heart. When he said that I said I know that these are true but I also believe. I believe these things to be true with all my heart. My heart was just filled with gratitude as we talked. I am seeing in him and in our investigator that if we just believe then the answer will come, just believe. I have seen how strong belief is, I am seeing that if someone truly believes, they will know, they will stay, they will Come Unto Christ. Yes we all say I KNOW THESE THINGS TO BE TRUE, but do you truly believe? That is the question we will all have to answer before Christ, did you truly believe? I can’t say enough about believing and how important it is because the Savior of the world said, all things are possible if you just believe. He also said be not afraid, only believe. I love those words from our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Forever Family
All I can say is Satan doesn’t ever stop. I almost had to cancel the two temple sealing’s we had this week. The baby got sick so we went to the house and gave the baby a blessing. As we were talking to Francisco, I felt that I needed to tell him to just go, just go to the temple no matter what. I did and he said ok, I will think about it. As I was sitting there I felt prompted to ask him and his wife if they needed a blessing. I never ask people if they want blessings but in that moment I truly felt prompted to ask them. They both said yes and I gave them both blessings. It was an incredible experience. The spirit touched their hearts and in that moment they had their answer that they needed to go to the temple to be sealed no matter what. The next couple of days were extremely difficult but we worked through it and they were able to be sealed.
Branch Temple Trip
On Saturday the branch went to the temple, it was amazing; the inside of the Xela Temple is so beautiful, it is breath taking. Saturday morning when I woke up I was so weak; I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the day. As I walked in the temple doors I felt my body going downhill even more and I was ready to collapse. In the session I felt strength coming back to me and I continued to receive more strength the entire time we were in the temple. As we left the temple I felt like I had a battery charge. Just being able to inside in the House of the Lord was such a blessing and being able to witness the two sealing’s was something else. During the last sealing I just wept seeing Francisco being sealed to his wife and baby. It was such a tender mercy. I can’t even describe my feelings. We just hugged and we both wept, we were all like we did it, it all came together. (Just a side note Francisco served his mission in Montana.) Anyway it was such a beautiful experience, one I will never forget.
The Temple I'm Going There Someday
In the temple I met a brother from the States and we had a great conversation. This is just a few of the things he shared with me, he said when you go home life is really going start and you need to realize you can’t go back to the same person you were when you left because that is mocking God. For example if you get in your car and put on worldly music every time single time there something seriously wrong with you because you have forgotten to find moments of peace and reflection, we are only a part of this world not of it. He said you have to keep the temple in your sights and if do you won’t fall, because the House of the Lord is in your eyes. He also said there is a special young lady who is just for you, she will be the most sacred thing in your life and you have to take care of her. The most important calling in this life is to take care of God’s daughters because He is going to ask you on judgment day, DID YOU TAKE CARE OF MY DAUGHTER? Prepare yourself now by taking care of the daughters of God that you are teaching and those you have been called to watch over. I had to go and before I left he said I love you man and I really don’t know you. We hugged and I said love you to bro, thanks. Another great moment in the temple.
It Is Going To Be A Good Day!
Sunday was awesome! We had 4 investigators at church!!  That is a new record or me. I taught a class to the investigators on the atonement, I focused on what Christ went through just so he could know how to help us and to understand our afflictions and difficulties. It was neat to see the investigators eager to learn more about the atonement.

What I love about Mom is that she serves in the temple, what I love about Dad is that he goes to the temple when he can, and they prepared me to enter in the temple. Families Are Forever.

con mucho amore, ducks forever,
Elder Mcilmoil
September 22, 2014
Oh The Places You Go
Oh The Things You See
Scripture of the week: Ether 4:11


“Hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes.” Elder Jeffery R. Holland

“Be true to the faith you do have.” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe.” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“Be not afraid, only believe.” Jesus Christ
Keep The Temple In Your Sights

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Teaching In Jacaltenango And I Love To Testify

Tortillas for the week: 15

Where to begin; this week has been a storm, literally and figuratively, it has rained for the past 9 days or more. And I have experienced a spiritual storm. I have so many things to fix in my life since being called to serve as branch president. This calling has opened my eyes as to what I need to do better; it is one painful soul searching storm. I find assurance in the words shared by Elder Robert D. Hales, “… Our faith in Him and obedience to His commandments will bring ‘a perfect brightness of hope’ [2 Nephi 31:20] and dispel the darkness and gloom of despair in these troubled times. The One who had power to calm the elements of earth has power to calm our souls, to give us refuge from the storm” I know I need to change and turn my heart and will more to God in complete obedience. I will walk the path of repentance every day to become more like Christ. It is my prayer that as I serve I will think like Him, I will act like Him, I will love like Him, I will serve like Him, and I will talk like Him. It is worth all of that painful soul searching to know that only true God and Jesus Christ who was sent to suffer for our sin, our heartaches and to be our advocate to plead our cause that we may receive eternal life. With that being said I had amazing learning experiences this week. The first thing that happened was when I was preparing a talk on  the resurrection of Jesus Christ (I used this talk as one of my resources “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ” given by Elder D. Todd Christofferson wow it has become one of my all-time favorite talks, it is so powerful anyway as I read I testify that those 3 days changed the history of the world, changed the future of the world, the outcome of the world, it changed everything. Elder Christofferson teaches a testimony of Christ is the most important testimony we can receive. He also teaches “The fundamental principles of our religion are the testimony of the Apostles and Prophets, concerning Jesus Christ, that He died, was buried, and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven; and all other things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to it. In due course, all will see and all will know; indeed, “every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess” that Jesus is the Christ. Until then, I believe the many witnesses of the Savior’s Resurrection whose experiences and testimonies are found in the New Testament—Peter and his companions of the Twelve and dear, pure Mary of Magdala, among others. I believe the testimonies found in the Book of Mormon—of Nephi the Apostle with the unnamed multitude in the land Bountiful, among others. And I believe the testimony of Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon who, after many other testimonies, proclaimed the great witness of this last dispensation “that he lives! For we saw him.” Under the glance of His all-seeing eye, I stand myself as a witness that Jesus of Nazareth is the resurrected Redeemer, and I testify of all that follows from the fact of His Resurrection. May you receive the conviction and comfort of that same witness.” I to testify Jesus Christ is our Savior, he did die and he did rise again and if we just believe we will be strengthened beyond we can imagine.
The New Team
Teaching In Jacaltenango
On Wednesday we ate lunch with some members and as we were eating one of the members said, “This school in Jacaltenango wants a leader from our church to go up and speak to them about the church.” I was like what? She said yeah let’s get one of the students from the school to come down to tell you about it. So the student came and said we would like you to come and speak to us about the church. All I could think was wow; I have a chance to bear witness to 25 or more students. Of course I was going to accept. As I told the student I would do it my mind went blank as to what I should share with them. I seriously didn’t have a clue. The first thought that came was I needed to fast to be guided as to what I should teach these students. I testify that if we fast with a humble heart we will receive the answer we are seeking. I was listening to this talk by Elder Holland, “The only True God and Jesus Christ Whom He Hath Sent”; and I knew in that moment this is my topic but how can I help them know this only true God?  As I thought about that it became clear I needed to teach about the priesthood. A couple of days later I was reading in Mormon chapter 9 about the people who deny revelation and I knew what I needed to share. I needed to teach about the priesthood and that we believe in modern day revelation. My mind was filled with so many thoughts. Saturday morning rolls around and I wake up and I just want to puke because of how nervous I am. We leave to go to Jacaltenango and I am so nervous so I start singing hymns, one hymn brought me peace, “I Believe In Christ.” I ask all of you to read it, there is so much power and peace in the words. As I would sing another hymn I would get nervous again so I went back to humming “I Believe In Christ” and I was filled with peace. We arrive and we walk in and it is just like my high school class room. My comp, Elder Herrera, speaks first. His message was so good. Then it is my turn and I hand out 32 Books of Mormon. It was crazy because I begin to speak I never looked at my notes, not one time. I talked about the priesthood and it went good but then something happened as I started to talk about revelation it turned into personal revelation and I talked about the Book of Mormon and prayer and how they can know for themselves that the Book of Mormon is the word of God by reading and praying. We then read Moroni 10:3-5 and I had them write down Moroni’s message and promise. I ask what is the process Moroni outlines for us to follow to know the truth? First he asks us to read and ponder it in your hearts. Second he asks us to ask God, to ask in the name of Christ, to ask if these things are not true, to ask with a sincere heart, to ask with real intent, to  ask having faith in Jesus Christ but we when we ask we have to have a true desire to know for ourselves. As we were talking I had them turn them to the introduction of the Book of Mormon and read its purpose. We read it and then I said so your pray is going to be this, Is It True because my salvation is on the line, what your salvation is on the line by one book, what is this? Yes It Is True because this is life eternal, to know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. So let’s see what happens if this book isn’t true, this is where I had the students. It was super cool and truly powerful as we were reading and discussing the Book of Mormon.  I received another witness how powerful the Book of Mormon truly is and how bad we need to immerse ourselves in the Book of Mormon to become more fully converted. Then I continued to say if this book is false, number one this church is not true and we are crazy people teaching this doctrine which means Joseph Smith was beyond crazy and that Jesus is not the Christ. All their heads snapped up and they looked right at me and I said if this book isn’t true Jesus isn’t the Christ how can it be, well let’s look at the world today just with the Bible. Then I made some points about how they world doesn’t truly believe that Jesus is the Christ. Then I asked what if this book is true and it is, then the church is true, then we aren’t crazy and we are preaching the truth, and the most important thing is JESUS IS THE CHRIST. Then I bore witness and wow, was it amazing. I felt just how powerful it is to use scriptures and to testify. As I bore witness I saw a change in all 34 people in the classroom, I know they all felt the spirit testify to them this is the truth.
Guatemala Independence Day Parade
Missionaries and Royalty
It was so fun to teach this class. I truly have a love for teaching especially in a classroom and especially when it is about the gospel. The students were so good, they were fun, they asked good questions, and listened with intent. It was such a tender mercy to teach this class. I just love teaching but the thing I love the most is being able to testify, I just love that, it is the greatest feeling in the world. My testimony has changed through the many experiences I have had on my mission. I am reminded of an experience Elder Herrera shared in his talk yesterday, he said, “When I was a kid and I listened to my stake president and bishop testify I was like wow I want a testimony like them. When the missionaries would come over and share a message and then testify I was like wow I want a testimony like them.” Then he said something very neat, he said, “I do now have that testimony, it took a while to get because I had to work for it, and I still work every day to strengthen it because I want it to be stronger.”  As he said those words I thought back to my childhood and younger years and how I loved listening to the general authorities testify especially President Hinckley, and how I wanted that testimony and when we would read the Book of Mormon as a family and read the testimonies of those people I was like wow I want a testimony like that well now I can say, it is coming and every day I am working on it, and I love it. I love my testimony and if at times any of you doubt, lean on my testimony, use it because Elder John Dennison Mcilmoil knows that Jesus Christ is the living Son of the living God. I know that Jesus is the Christ and I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is true and I know Joseph Smith was truly called of God.
What I love about Mom and Dad is that we would have a family testimony meeting every fast Sunday, as I think about I realized my testimonies were so funny, things have changed.

con amor, ducks forever,
Elder Mcilmoil
September 15, 2014

A testimony can change the eternities.

Scripture of the week: John 17:3 

“I testify that He had power over death because He was divine” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“Jesus of Nazareth is the resurrected Redeemer, and I testify of all that follows from the fact of His Resurrection.” Elder D. Todd Christofferson 

“The Savior makes all things right.” Elder D. Todd Christofferson

“Through the Holy Spirit of Truth, may we all know “the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom [He has] sent.” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“Walk where he walked” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Friday, September 12, 2014

I Love This Work

Saying Goodbye To Elder Ipa
Tortillas for the week: 35

I don’t even know where to begin; this week was amazing, especially yesterday, testimony meeting was so good; a great way to end and start the week. Elder Ipa left on Tuesday, I will admit it was a very hard goodbye, harder than I thought it would be. I am having a hard time with my new companion because I was with Elder Ipa for 7 months, which was 5 changes. My new comp and Elder Ipa are so very different, the only thing they have in common is that they are both from Peru. I know it will get better.
Elder Corbett, One Amazing Missionary
Changes: A Day Of Goodbyes And Hellos
Siempre Hermanos
A summary of my week: I had training on Wednesday with a missionary couple, Elder and Hermana Jones. They are an amazing couple and a blessing to the mission. The training was a great help. Elder Jones showed me a way I can organize the members by the area where they live in the mls program. On Thursday we had district meeting and it was sweet, our district is me and my comp and two Santa Ana Elders, yep that’s right just 4 missionaries. After the missionaries from Santa Ana got here they went to eat at a café (it is not like a café in the states) Anyway while they were there 3 girls came up to them and started to talk to them, during the conversation the Elders found out one of the girls has been to Xela and visited the temple 3 different times. Of course she couldn’t go inside since she is not a member of the church. Somehow English came up in the conversation and the two Elders said there is a gringo missionary that can teach you all English. So on Saturday I taught an English class for them, it went bad, very bad! It has been 8 months since I have taught an English class and to top it off they already knew everything I was teaching. One of the girls is almost fluent, she just has a little bit of trouble speaking but she understands everything, except when someone speaks fast. The good news is we are starting an English class here in San Antonio Huista. Every Saturday at noon we will be teaching an English class. A less active member is going to help me teach. He lived in Oregon for 11 years and he knows English. After class I asked them do you have any questions about what we do as missionaries, and one of the girls said yes what is your work or what do you do? I told her we have the same commission as the 12 of old to teach all nations the word of God and baptize them with authority in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. We invite all people to come unto Christ. We then gave them a pamphlet and invited them to church, two of the girls were like ok, maybe basically they didn’t respond very well, but the other girl who is fluent in English responded very differently. Ok she said the same thing as the other girls but her actions were very different. I can’t describe it but the spirit touched her heart. Yes she came to church! Saturday night I sent out a mass text to the less active members and investigators and it said come tomorrow to the house of the Lord and feel the love of Jesus Christ at 9:00 in the morning with love the Elders. Five minutes after I sent the text this girl responded with these words: Thank you for the invite, I will be there tomorrow, I want to become closer to God, and learn more about Him, thank you so much. As I read that I was like what, wow who is this girl???? She is only 17, wow I have so much respect for this girl and her desire to learn about her Heavenly Father. As I think about it, I shouldn’t be surprised; there are people that are prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, we just can’t give up hope. She also sent a text with a question about an hour after English class asking about prophets. I about dropped the phone when she told me it was her, I was like in 14 months I have never had this happen to me! As I think about her this is what I see, I don’t see us baptizing her; I see her family in the sacred walls of the holy temple and being sealed as a family for all time and eternity. I want to meet her family; I want to teach the family, not just her, because the family is the central focus of our Heavenly Father’s great plan of happiness. Families Are Forever. Going back to testimony meeting yesterday I just have to share that the spirit was so powerful and strong, it touched every single heart. I felt I need to bear witness of Christ, and that this is the truth and that families are forever. As I stood there I could feel and witnessed everyone was feeling the spirit. I then said the feeling you all are experiencing right now is the Holy Ghost bearing witness that this is the truth. It was just amazing to have a sacrament meeting like that for that girl, as well as the less active members that usually never come, and the members. Last night we had a BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with Noe and his brother Daniel and their families. The food was so good but the conversation after was better and something completely unplanned. I know the Lord wanted this to happen. We started talking about the church and the priesthood but then the conversation turned to addiction and how to help them stop drinking. I have never had ideas come to me so clearly as when I was talking to Noe and Joel. About a month ago I saw this Mormon Message. 
This message is about a man surrounded by darkness because of years of addiction. It is the story of his battle and how fasting, prayer and a good friend brought him to the hope of God's light. Please take the time to watch this powerful message because the Savior never gives up on any us. This message touched me and ever since I watched this message I have felt I need to have Daniel and Noe fast, to ask for help, so last night as I sat there listening I felt I need to say hey lets fast. As I said that it felt different, it felt like it wasn’t from me, I knew in that moment those words were from a loving Father in Heaven. I even shared some things I never share. As I look at them, I see the chains of addiction weighing then down, and Satan just laughing at them. I told them yes we are friends but more importantly you two are my brothers, and I will do anything for you two because I don’t give up on family. I feel so bad for their wives, they are about ready to give up on them and any hope of them becoming free from alcohol. If they don’t give up alcohol they will leave but I know the Lord will help them all of them as long as they come unto Him and ask for His help. I love this work, it is worth everything, the tears, the heartache, the pain, the sadness, the joy, the happiness, the love, the blessings, it worth it, the Savior said I never said it would be easy I only said it would be worth it. 
"The District"
What I love about Mom is that she taught me not to give up, what I love about Dad is that he taught me to work even if all the odds are against you. 
Grill Master
"Family BBQ"
Con Amor, Ducks Forever 
Elder Mcilmoil 
September 8, 2014 
Scripture of the week: John 14:18, 27 

I will come to you “If we have faith in Jesus Christ, the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing.” President Henry B. Eyring 

“I say to myself every morning: it will all work out. If you do your best, it will all work out.” President Hinckley

Friday, September 5, 2014

Branch President And Begin With The End In Mind

Banana Leaf
If Only It Would Rain
Tortillas for the week: 20
I don’t know where to begin except that I am now the branch president in San Antonio Huista. Yep Elder Ipa has completed his service as a missionary and is going home tomorrow. Yes I am sad but also super happy because I have been with him for 5 changes and it has been rough with many challenges. Tomorrow I get a new comp and a fresh start.
Missionary Happiness
So this past week we traveled everywhere. We had to spend the night in Colotenango and it was sweet. We were there for divisions. It was a great experience to meet the investigators in Colo.  As we were getting ready to leave I felt like I needed to talk to the 2 elders serving in Colo about what they wanted to have happen with their investigators. They told me and I said that is good but your missing something, if you only focus on baptism your investigators will go inactive because they will only think all they need is to be baptized and that’s it, no more church, no more of anything, nada. I then shared with them what Elder Nelson said, “Missionary work should begin and end with our minds focused on the blessings of the holy temple.” So begin with the end in mind. Envision how you’re your investigators would look in white baptismal clothing and how very good they would look dressed in white temple clothing kneeling across the alter to be sealed as husband and wife and as family, or maybe it is a future missionary receiving the gift of the endowment. Whoever that investigator may be focus on the temple. Elder Nelson also said, “We join this Church to make and keep covenants that qualify us for eternal life. We join this Church so that our families can be together forever.” We have a very unique message to share that no one else has, our message is Families Are Forever. What other church has the keys to perform the sealing ordinances that bind families on earth and in heaven, none. Yes elders your investigators need to be baptized but your focus should be the end in mind: baptism leads them to qualify for the saving ordinances: baptism, confirmation, the temple endowment and being sealed for time and all eternity to a spouse. So your goal should be the temple and the second goal you should have is for your investigators to feel Christ’s love for them. When your investigators can feel the love of Christ and have knowledge of forever families they will have hope and light to a world filled with darkness. A successful missionary is one who loves the people and desires for them to have eternal salvation. I then challenged them to focus on those two goals; it was a very cool experience.
Sacred Views
The Chapel In Huehue
On Thursday we went to Huehue for Elder Ipa’s last mission interview with President Smith. It was super nice to see President Smith, I love that man! I was able to talk to him for a little bit. He said are you ready to take charge over the branch in San Antonio and I said yes I am. He then said to save your branch you need new blood, you have to get new members. He then shared an experience when he was working for his company; he said he gave a presentation about the Garth Brooks album called Fresh Horses and how the company needed new and fresh horses. He said after the presentation he gave the board members each a copy of the album and he said 20 years later people still remember that presentation. He then told me get your fresh horses and that will help you save your branch and the members will never forget.
If You Build It They Will Come
So one night we were walking in the streets and there was a light drizzle anyway as we were walking down this hill this guy on a motorcycle pulls up to the side of us and says I don’t want to offend you and when he said that I was like what the heck, what is going to happen, then he said you are Mormons right? I said yes we are, and then he said I need a Book of Mormon. I about fainted, I was so taken back; I didn’t know what to say, so I just said ok. Then he asked do you have a Book of Mormon? Still in shock I said yes do you want it right now? He said yes. I asked him where he lived and he said I am from Jacaltenango. He then said Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon by God’s direction, we said no. He quickly responded and said he was an instrument in God’s hands right, we said yes and then Elder Ipanaque gave a brief introduction about the Book of Mormon. He said I want to read and study it because I have read the Bible and learned that Christ said we need to endure to the end and that is what I want to do. During this conversation I’m in shock, I didn’t know what to say because things like that don’t happen or they don’t happen to me. It did happen and I was there and I remember feeling something very peaceful and hearing these words it is going to be ok, we found each other. I can’t put the feelings I experienced into words. As we walked away I was almost in tears because of how I felt and all I could say the rest of the night was my Lord, my God how great Thou art. The rest of the night I had the feeling of warmth, comfort and peace. I have been so stressed because of what I have been called to do. During that 5 minute conversation I knew it was going to be alright and that the Lord is about to do things in front of mine eyes that I never thought I would see, it was a feeling of John you are ok, don’t worry you will find those that I have prepared. 
Look What I'm Bringing Home
Ginormous Rabbit, Just For You Mom
On Sunday I was called to be the branch president. And we went straight to work; we made some changes, made a new calling with the help from a counselor in the mission presidency. The counselor from the mission presidency taught me this, he said elder let me tell you this, this is your branch, your called to serve as the leader but your still a missionary. He then said you have to be obedient because one person can put a branch, a ward, an area, or whatever under condemnation through disobedience. The Lord asks each of us to be obedient and when we are not obedient it just doesn’t hurt the disobedient but it hurts everybody around that is doing all they know how to be obedient. Please be obedient so this branch doesn’t suffer anymore and that His work can progress. 
Scenic Photo Op
I testify to you that if we are obedient the Lord will bless us beyond belief. I know that families can be together forever. I know that families are without beginning and without end.

What I love about Mom and Dad is that they were sealed for all time and eternity. 

Con Much Amor, Ducks Forever
Elder Mcilmoil
September 1, 2014 
Iron Man Now Showing In Guatemala
Feeding The Flock
Scripture of the week: Doctrine and Covenants 107: 99-100

“What matters most is what lasts longest, and our families are for eternity.” Elder M. Russell Ballard

“We are to learn our duty from the Lord, and then we are to act in all diligence, never being lazy or slothful.” President Henry B. Eyring

“Plead that the Spirit will show you what the Lord wants you to do. Plan to do it. Promise Him to obey” President Henry B. Eyring

“Disobedience is selfishness; it is a sign of pride.” Elder Mcilmoil 
Sometimes You Just Have To Have A Flour Fight