Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Keep The Temple In Your Sights

Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple
My Favorite Place To Be: The Temple
Tortillas for the week: 35 

So where to begin this week, the branch had two sealing’s in the temple in Xela and we are going to have a baptism this week. The branch is really changing. I had more than six hours of interviews this week and I am dead, but it is all worth it. THE BIG NEWS...READY...I TOOK PHONES IN ENGLISH CLASS!! (My dad would be so proud...hahahaha.)
English Class=No Phones
I was able to meet and talk with a less active who knows English because he lived in the States. So we talked in English. All l can say is wow, the spirit was so strong and he even said I can really feel how strong the spirit is. This conversation was the most powerful, testimony bearing one on one conversation I have ever had in my life. I asked him how much he remembers about the restoration of the gospel and he said to tell you the truth I don’t remember very much, I have forgotten most of it. So I reviewed it with him and when started to talk about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon just wow, I give praises to my Lord my God all the day long. As we read the first vision together it seriously felt like we were in the grove with Joseph. I testified to him that Joseph did see God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I asked him do you know these things to be true, he said no, I don’t but I believe them to be true. I then asked some basic questions, do you believe that Joseph saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ and he said yes with all my heart. He then said I believe the Book of Mormon to be true with all my heart and I believe in these things with all my heart. When he said that I said I know that these are true but I also believe. I believe these things to be true with all my heart. My heart was just filled with gratitude as we talked. I am seeing in him and in our investigator that if we just believe then the answer will come, just believe. I have seen how strong belief is, I am seeing that if someone truly believes, they will know, they will stay, they will Come Unto Christ. Yes we all say I KNOW THESE THINGS TO BE TRUE, but do you truly believe? That is the question we will all have to answer before Christ, did you truly believe? I can’t say enough about believing and how important it is because the Savior of the world said, all things are possible if you just believe. He also said be not afraid, only believe. I love those words from our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Forever Family
All I can say is Satan doesn’t ever stop. I almost had to cancel the two temple sealing’s we had this week. The baby got sick so we went to the house and gave the baby a blessing. As we were talking to Francisco, I felt that I needed to tell him to just go, just go to the temple no matter what. I did and he said ok, I will think about it. As I was sitting there I felt prompted to ask him and his wife if they needed a blessing. I never ask people if they want blessings but in that moment I truly felt prompted to ask them. They both said yes and I gave them both blessings. It was an incredible experience. The spirit touched their hearts and in that moment they had their answer that they needed to go to the temple to be sealed no matter what. The next couple of days were extremely difficult but we worked through it and they were able to be sealed.
Branch Temple Trip
On Saturday the branch went to the temple, it was amazing; the inside of the Xela Temple is so beautiful, it is breath taking. Saturday morning when I woke up I was so weak; I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the day. As I walked in the temple doors I felt my body going downhill even more and I was ready to collapse. In the session I felt strength coming back to me and I continued to receive more strength the entire time we were in the temple. As we left the temple I felt like I had a battery charge. Just being able to inside in the House of the Lord was such a blessing and being able to witness the two sealing’s was something else. During the last sealing I just wept seeing Francisco being sealed to his wife and baby. It was such a tender mercy. I can’t even describe my feelings. We just hugged and we both wept, we were all like we did it, it all came together. (Just a side note Francisco served his mission in Montana.) Anyway it was such a beautiful experience, one I will never forget.
The Temple I'm Going There Someday
In the temple I met a brother from the States and we had a great conversation. This is just a few of the things he shared with me, he said when you go home life is really going start and you need to realize you can’t go back to the same person you were when you left because that is mocking God. For example if you get in your car and put on worldly music every time single time there something seriously wrong with you because you have forgotten to find moments of peace and reflection, we are only a part of this world not of it. He said you have to keep the temple in your sights and if do you won’t fall, because the House of the Lord is in your eyes. He also said there is a special young lady who is just for you, she will be the most sacred thing in your life and you have to take care of her. The most important calling in this life is to take care of God’s daughters because He is going to ask you on judgment day, DID YOU TAKE CARE OF MY DAUGHTER? Prepare yourself now by taking care of the daughters of God that you are teaching and those you have been called to watch over. I had to go and before I left he said I love you man and I really don’t know you. We hugged and I said love you to bro, thanks. Another great moment in the temple.
It Is Going To Be A Good Day!
Sunday was awesome! We had 4 investigators at church!!  That is a new record or me. I taught a class to the investigators on the atonement, I focused on what Christ went through just so he could know how to help us and to understand our afflictions and difficulties. It was neat to see the investigators eager to learn more about the atonement.

What I love about Mom is that she serves in the temple, what I love about Dad is that he goes to the temple when he can, and they prepared me to enter in the temple. Families Are Forever.

con mucho amore, ducks forever,
Elder Mcilmoil
September 22, 2014
Oh The Places You Go
Oh The Things You See
Scripture of the week: Ether 4:11


“Hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes.” Elder Jeffery R. Holland

“Be true to the faith you do have.” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe.” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“Be not afraid, only believe.” Jesus Christ
Keep The Temple In Your Sights

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