Thursday, January 22, 2015

Leaving The Kids At Home Alone And Faith

Look Who I Saw!!! Gerzon de Leon
Chichi Branch Reunion!!!
Tortillas for the week: 25

Big news….THE KIDS WERE LEFT HOME ALONE!!!!!! (greenies/new missionaries) and THEY DIDNT DIE…THEY HAVE GROWN UP SO FAST!!! Why were the kids left at home alone? Elder Moncada and I went to formación líder de zona en Xela con el Presidente Smith. And the Kids found 3 Familias while we were gone!!! WOW!
Ridding With The Big Kids
Anyway the consejo (advice) at zone leader training meeting was something else. President Smith said we need to street contact better. He said we need to talk about both Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon during a street contact. I was like how; I have no idea how to say those two things in a street contact. Then I remembered I am called por un profeta de dios (prophet of God) to say those things. As we street contact we are always looking for a reason to start a conversation, we have been counseled that we have 2 reasons to start a conversation. All I can say is since I have been called to train and be a ZL my faith has grown, a lot! I see almost everything we do as missionaries now as acts of faith. Talking about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon during a street contact is an act of faith.
Watching Over Huehue
Mission Prep With Lacho
This week we did divisions with the assistants here in Huehue. Elder Portilla and I went to a lesson and as we were teaching this lady you could feel the spirit so strongly and you could feel that she is going to be baptized. It was a very neat feeling. Elder Chavis and I had a cita hoy (appointment today) so we went and our plan was to plan a date for baptism this month but as soon as I walked in I knew that Michael’s date was not going to happen this month, I felt strongly it would be in February. So we challenged him and he said I will be baptized in February. I pray that he will stay committed to a February baptism.
More Stripling Warrior Pics
During zone conference we talked about the restoration and asked why people don’t accept this message. The answer is they don’t understand; why don’t they understand? It is not only because of the traditions of their fathers (Alma 17:9) and not only because of their hard hearts (Alma 17:14) it is because we don’t teach the message of the restoration good enough. We did role play and we saw a good example and a bad example which was planned out by Elder Moncada and me and the sister leaders. Our purpose was for us as missionaries to recognize that we teach the message of the restoration very poorly in almost every lesson and we don’t take notice. It is our challenge and focus to each of us in the zone to teach the most important lesson better and clearer so people can truly understand that there is only one and true church upon the face of the earth. My testimony of the restoration has truly grown. It is amazing how much my testimony has grown.
We Once Had Something To Cook On
Chillin' For A Minute
What I love about Mom is that she is accepting the Lord’s will and what love about Dad is that he has a picture of Christ in his class room at school. 

con mucho amor, ducks forever,
Elder Mcilmoil
January 19, 2015
Saturday Selfie
Scripture of the week: Doctrine and Covenants 39:29 

“I testify that bad days come to an end, that faith always triumphs and that heavenly promises are always kept.” Elder Holland 

If God brought you to it; He will bring you through it. 

If we truly want to become like the Savior, we must learn to teach in the way He taught.
Water Well
Yep There Is A Man In That Water Well

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