Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Solo, A Week All About Faith And I'm So Happy

"The Good Samaritan"
This week has been sweet. The Rama (Branch) had a talent night (tarde de talento) and I sang a solo in English, Armies of Helaman. Just me singing a solo in public! The song was ok since my voice isn't the best; but I did it! The things you do on your mission, crazy. Also the priesthood, Elder Bonilla and me acted out the Good Samaritan. Yep I was the good Samaritan. It was so funny. It was a success, the Rama loved it. The people that performed in the talent night did great. We had culture dances, two sisters did a hip hop dance, someone lip synced, the primary kids which is 4 girls danced to two songs. It was a blast.
Soda In A Bag
So on Sunday I gave another talk. It was on faith in Jesús Cristo. I prepared it Sunday morning because Saturday night is when we found out that one of the speakers wasn't going to be at church. Me and Elder Bonilla were asked to speak which is good. Also I'm teaching the principals de evangelio clase (principal of the gospel class) on Sundays. We only have one investigator that comes. 
"Do you think they ship cougar tails to Guatemala?"
One of the hardest things on the mission is to resist listening to English music and singing along. At times I can resist and others I fall and slip but I'm getting better. I'm starting to like some Spanish songs, I can't really understand any of the songs. By the way I'm teaching Elder Bonilla English. I just have to say it's the funniest thing in the world. I'm sure Elder Bonilla thinks my Spanish is the funniest thing in the world. Since Halloween is this week I'm going to buy a helado sundae (ice cream sundae) and some American candy. Guatemala celebrates día de los muertos on November 1st.
Guatemalan Turkeys
This week has been all about fe which is faith. Every chapter in the Book of Mormon I read, every lesson I study, everything has to do with fe. I'm so grateful for fe as it brings peace and assurance when I submit to the will of the Lord. Elder Scott said, "Faith can become a vibrant, powerful, uplifting, inspiring force in your life." I have learned when you start to truly love the Lord and love the people the language comes. But you have to have fe for it to come. The language is coming. By having fe we see people not as they are but as they can become. FAITH PREVALITH ALL THINGS. Always have fe. Faith can bring strength and truth when reading the scriptures, during trials, and the help to understand more fully when listening to the words of the Prophet and our leaders. We must have fe when we pray, we should not just pray but pray fervently; trusting in the Lord and submitting to the Father's will. Our fe is increased when we struggle and faith also builds our character. We need to strengthen our faith everyday by listening to the spirit and being obedient.
P-Day Somewhere In Chichi
So we had a lesson with two sisters Juana, Ingrid and their brother Ricardo. The spirit was so strong, WOW! Seeing the spirit work through me and Elder Bonilla was amazing. Words were just coming to me.You could see the spirit truly touch their hearts. Words cannot describe the experience. The leccion (lesson) was at a member's house, during the leccion a member showed up so we had two members to share and testify. When the other member sat down I felt that I should have her share her baptism experience. I asked her and she shared her experience, it was amazing. The investigators didn't commit to baptism but they said when they receive their answer that the church is true they will commit to a date and be baptized. They said they would ask the Father in prayer that night. After the leccion we gave them a Book of Mormon. Ricardo picked it up immediately and started to look at it and began to read. It was very neat. Elizabeth didn't get baptized, she needs to attend church 2 more times. She was very sick this past week so we only visited her once this week. We gave her a blessing. I've learned and still learning that power in the priesthood is real and can only happen when you have faith. Our faith is the strongest when we our ourselves are not trying to be someone else. We also taught this lady that told us there is no correct church on this earth. She told us she believes in Christ and all religion is good. After the lesson we asked to pray about the church and receive knowledge why this is Christ's church and to find understanding why other churches are not correct. She said she would. I believe this was her first time listening to the missionaries. I really believe when you start to picture your investigators in white your mouth is opened and your tongue is loosened.
Another Great Day In Chichi
The Lord lives and knows what we need. His hand is always extended to help us. We just have to put in the effort to take hold. When we feel like we can't go any further we just have to find faith and take his hand. I just want you to know I'm so very happy and so grateful to serve a mission.
Guatemalan Style: Mayo, Ketchup and Hot Sauce
What I love about Mom and Dad is their emails and how they keep me updated on my cougars. (That's whats up-bowl eligible!)

Ducks forever and keep the faith
Elder Mcilmoil 
October 27, 2013

Tortilla total for the week: 55 

This week I don't have a scripture. Its a hymn this week: I Stand All Amazed
'The Hot Bun!'-Guatemalan Hamburger Chain

Photograph Skills

My Si Cup Of Wisdom-That's A Fact Jack

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