Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Treatment, Conference And Help Hasten The Work

On Tuesday I got super sick with a fever of 39.50 celcius. Seriously I was super sick. I have never been so sick ever at anytime in my life. I was at lunch with our Branch President's wife and the hermanas and they said you should go take a nap and that I needed to go to a clinic. I went back to our apartment and tried to sleep, I couldn't and called the mission nurses and they said just take pepto bismol and Tylenol. I was thinking no way this bad so I went to the clinic and the doctors saw how bad I was and gave me an iv. It was crazy. I'm so grateful the clinic has such great medical care. I was impressed with them. The whole time I felt peace which was amazing because I felt beyond horrible. I'm now being treated with medication and feel so good. By the way I have fleas, you should see my calves and ankles!
I was able to watch conference and there was such a special spirit. There was a message in each talk for me. When we arrived they only had Spanish set up and I was crushed because I was told they would have it in English. Silently I pray and say, "Heavenly Father I will do what you want me to do." Still being upset I went to listen to the MOTAB, and as I do and my heart is slowly softened. I felt I needed to say one more prayer and express the gratitude in my heart and these words come to my mind, "My Good And Faithful Servant Thy Prayers Have Been Heard And Answered." I continue to sit there having those words repeat in my mind for several minutes. I get up and walk to where my comp is and the President of the Stake asks me do you want to listen in English and I said yes! He then asked if I had permission to listen in English and I said yes. My prayers were answered and I was able to listen to conference in English. It was amazing! I just love conference. I did listen to Elder Scott's talk in Spanish. Hey Dad don't worry I got ice cream after  the priesthood session. The most comforting words of all conference were in Elder Holland's talk. When he shared these words, "Even the Sons Of Mosiah felt depressed. Ammon felt depressed at one point." My heart leaped with joy for I have felt great discouragement and depression while I have been so sick and those words brought comfort and peace. The messages of the general authorities are amazing. After conference I decided to study the words of Peter and Paul because they were mentioned in almost every talk.
The hermanas and our Branch President and his wife bought us Domino's Pizza. That is the tradition when there are changes (transfers). We had 5 large pizzas and I had 8 slices. It was so good! I'm starving now that I feel so much better. I just have to say I had some great food this week. 
There is an investigator we are teaching and she is reading the Book of Mormon. Her name is Elizabeth. Please pray for her that she can be given the strength to come to church. She knows the Church is true and that Joseph Smith es la profeta de dios. She just needs the courage to come to church. We were also teaching this hermano and he said he wanted to be baptized but has since changed his mind--his words, "nah I've been baptized already." That bites. One day he will know the church is true. I know if people paid attention to the Bible they would know the Bible teaches God's true doctrine. Acts 2:38 teaches true doctrine. I have learned this week that the spirit will have you talk about things that you have never thought about and are able to share in a lesson.
We as missionaries need the members help more than EVER! President Monson said this in conference, "Now is the time for members and missionaries to come together, go work together, to labor in the Lord's vineyard to bring souls unto to Him." Please do this and the blessings will be beyond great. The church is true and the Lord is hastening his work. 

I love you all the way to the moon and back,
Elder Mcilmoil 
October 7, 2013

Total of tortillas for week: 20

Scriptures of the week: Doctrine and Covenants 35:13-14 and 18:15-16
Do his work and stand for truth and righteousness.

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