Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Love Him And Take His Hand

Mowing The Lawn-Guatemalan Style

This week I have learned a lot and I know the Lord continues to bless me through this illness. I have had a lot of stomach pain. I was truly blessed with the Lord's help in receiving added strength. I know I'm on the road to recovery. I went on divisions and learned that you can be brand new to an area and you can still know someone needs you as you listen to the spirit. I have learned that we NEED to be obedient in all things and that includes the little things. Every night this week we have returned home past 9:50 p.m. Not good. This will be different this week and will be home on time. I have also learned the Book of Mormon is not complete without the Bible. Why because the gospel is preached by the mouth of at least 2 witnesses. Elder M. Russel Ballard said, "The Book of Mormon testifies of the Bible, and both testify of Christ." The Book of Mormon and the Bible complement and support one other. Studying them together can clarify some concepts that are difficult to understand. The Book of Mormon tells us to read the Bible and affirms that its message is true (Mormon 7:8-10). If we truly think about it, neither one is complete without the other. I know "The scriptures are essential in receiving a testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel." as shared by Elder Robert D. Hales

So this week I had the most disgusting drink in the world. It was a mashed up corn tortilla and water. I have never had something so gross in all my life. It was nasty. After words I wanted to puke for the rest of the day. Not good at all! Let me just say the tortillas are endless!! I have learned that when I put ketchup on them I can pound them. It is so good. I also had corn tamales this week, I did not like them. I had a corn drink and it is the craziest thing in the world. It was dang good. This is crazy but when we have corn on the cob we put lime juice on it and is way good. You should try it. I am learning to love chilli. Its just hot sauce or jalapenos, carrots and some other stuff  in a can. It basically is just hot stuff. Sometimes its so good.

This is an experience I had this week, as I taught this lady you could just feel the spirit take over the room and the room became dead silent. I just kept talking and words came to my mind. I understood all of them. I could feel the power of the spirit and I was the voice. It was crazy. I have learned that thru faith in Christ we will Speak his words. It doesn't matter how new or old you are or what language you speak if you are humble enough and have enough faith you will be that missionary or that person you need to become. Faith is amazing and I will admit I have felt my faith slip at times this week when I have been so miserable but we must put our trust in the Lord and we will be lifted. Take his hand. 

Take my hand and follow me,
There are things ahead for you to see.
Little wonders are all around,
And tender mercies to be found.
We’ll take our time, no need to run,
Breathe deep the air and feel the sun.
The grass is soft beneath our feet,
Sounds are soothing, the air is sweet.
Sometimes we’ll stop and just be still,
Our hearts will tell us God is real!
Small graces along our path appear,
They let us know that Heaven’s near.
So take my hand anew each day
The walk is lovely and I know the way.

This describes my week. At times he will lead us through hard times for it is for our own good. Always, always follow the spirit for when you do you gain trust from the Lord and always show your love for him. Please love him with all your heart and take his hand. 

What I love about Mom is the Greg Olsen pics sent me. What I love about Dad is that he has shown me how to act with power and authority in the priesthood.

Ducks Forever
Elder Mcilmoil
September 30, 2013

Tortilla count for the week: 20

Scriptures of the week: 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 and 13:1

Cup Of Si

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