Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two Months, Parasites, And No Root Beer!

I can't believe 2 months has gone by. It seems so fast yet forever. I ate at a restaurant in some huge warehouse, it was dang good! So I do have a parasite. The nurse in the mission office had me go to a clinic here in Chici and I had some tests done. The results came back which said I have a parasite. I'm not being treated, I have to go back to the clinic on Tuesday for another test and then then the nurse will determine the treatment I need. It has been a rough week because of my illness. I have no idea how I make it thru each day, I pray to receive strength and I go to work. I'm greatly blessed to make it thru the whole day. To be honest I have never experienced so much pain. Sometimes I think this could be a glimpse of being in the garden, I cannot comprehend how much Christ suffered. How he didn't turn back is amazing. The tender mercies of the Lord provide so much strength. Elder Bednar said, "The persistence and the fortitude that enables us to press forward with cheerfulness through physical limitations and difficulties are examples of the tender mercies of the Lord." Our hearts should be filled with gratitude for His abundance of tender mercies given to us. I received a priesthood blessing from an Elder who spoke English. In the blessing he said I would be healed according to my faith. I have learned that we can only do the Father's will and if the Father's will is to have me suffer for the rest of the month or my entire mission then I will suffer. So I have worse news than the parasite. It is heart breaking and I bawl like a baby every time I think about it! NO ROOT BEER!!!! Zero, none, zilch!!! Ok only one place in Xela has some but if your never called to serve there you won't get Root Beer. Truly heart breaking. And there is also have zero Pop Tarts here! Hey at least they have peanut butter. So one morning we had bad milk like bad bad. We bought it the day before and it was bad the next day. Both jugs were bad. Crazy. The bread here is amazing. I have never had such good bread I think I need to talk to Bishop because I eat the bread way to much. It is just so good. And there are so many different kinds of bread. Its so weird. Anyway I to got my haircut for the first time here, they trim your hair with a straight razor. It is sweet.

The talk I gave on Sunday went good or at least I think. My topic was repentance. I didn't speak for very long but I believe I said what I needed to say. I said something I was not expecting but I was given an impression in my mind during the very first hymn we sang. The Hermanas spoke with me. They both spoke a long time, it was all good. This was my first talk in Guatemala and in Spanish. I never had the opportunity to speak in the CCM. The members feed us on Sunday. I had rice and some chili stuff. It was good.  

Well I can say I am an amazing chef. Guy Fieri would be impressed with what I can pull off with what we have. I should be able to dominate on Iron Chef when I come home. I have also had a frozen banana covered in chocolate and cream with nuts on it. It was good but it's way different. I liked it but I didn't like it at the same time. Here is my recipe for the Best Breakfast Soup: rice, water, milk or soy milk
Boil the water then add milk and bring that to a boil then throw in the rice. Cook it until the rice is just the way you want it. You can add cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, maple or whatever you want with it. It is so good. (you will have to experiment with it at first but it is way easy, I can't give exact measurements, it is just by hand)
I have learned from all the missionaries that we walk way to fast. We need to slow down. We represent Christ and he would never walk fast. When we walk fast we are not in tune with the spirit as we should be. We can't hear those tiny promptings. As President Monson said, "There is always time for pancakes." We need to take that advice and slow down. Take your time even if your going be late, who knows what the Lord has in store for you in your next 3 to 11 steps.

We set a baptismal date yesterday. It feels good to have a date set but I think to many missionaries are to concerned with numbers. Elder Bednar taught you truly need to think why you want to serve. You should never think about numbers. Your here so that families can be together forever and you should do whatever it takes for them to achieve that. Don't be concerned with dates and baptism be more concerned for their salvation and how you can help them achieve eternal life. 

This is great, I cut this guys yard with a machete!! And of course I forgot my camera. It was so cool. it is way hard but its sweet. You have to tell Shortie not to mow his lawn for 2 years and I will cut his yard for 100 bucks with a machete. It will be the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

What I love about Mom is her testimony. What I love about Dad is that he is a worthy priesthood holder. 

Love ya,
Elder Mcilmoil 
September 9, 2013

Tortillas this week: 7
Scripture of the week: Doctrine and Covenants 133:50--We Will Never Be Alone

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