Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sick, Feeling The Spirit, And Ammon

So this week has been so hard. I got the bug and it was terrible. My stomach was so bad, I had to get a blessing. I'm much better now. I have never felt the spirit so strong on Sunday. We sang 'I Stand All Amazed' in the morning and I started to bawl. The spirit was so strong. Then at sacrament meeting I was asked to to say the closing prayer. So I did but I had to write it out. It was sweet. Then that night we watched the Joseph Smith Movie and wow. The spirit once again. I had tears during the whole movie. It was a little different than the one we watched. That movie is so powerful.

So I had to give Elder Young (North Dakota) a blessing, it was good. The highlight of my week was yesterday. During class we watched a Elder Holland video about how we need to be converted before our investigators. I have never felt so many spirits. I felt some of those people Mom and Dad. I am starting to see streets that I will be walking in my mind. I am becoming like Ammon. I am studying his story and it is the most powerful passage in the Book of Mormon. I love it here. The hardest thing is I can´t be in my mission yet. I am dying to get out there. I would rather learn zero Spanish and leave than spend 6 weeks here. I have met so many great missionaries its amazing.

I can't take pictures here at the MTC they took my camera. So no pictures for the MTC. My window looks right at the temple. My companions are Elder Goddridge (the kid at the airport) and Elder Young (North Dakota). I love the both of them. Its so weird being with someone 24/7. I am not used to it. So there were a total of 11 of us that traveled down to Guatemala, 5 Elders and 6 Hermanas (Sisters). We are all from Utah, Idaho, North Dakota and Oregon.

We are teaching an investigator and its sweet. She wants to be baptized but we´ll see. When we teach her I think we should focus on her needs and teach more by the spirit. 
Hey Mom the reminder on your phone turns off in like 3 or more years. I still feel like I'm in a dream. It feels so weird but so good. I have learned so much from the lord its amazing. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! I will email you next week.

Elder Mcilmoil
July 16, 2013

Scripture of the week: Ephesians 4:5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism. 


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