Sunday, July 28, 2013

Priesthood Blessings

We taught the investigator in Española but it turned out she was just a teacher. I have the greatest story from this experience. It was supposedly our last lesson with her and I had prayed for what we should teach her. I had a strong impression we should teach about the priesthood. So we prepared a lesson for teaching her about the priesthood. Half way through the day another thought came into my mind; I should ask her if she needed a blessing. It was nagging me until we taught her and when I was about to talk about priesthood blessings Elder Goddridge felt he should talk about blessings and so he did. We explained to her about blessings and asked if she would want one. After the last lesson my district sang ‘I Know That My Redeemer Lives’ in Española and after she asked if the elders could give her a blessing. We said yes then they all said, “Elder Mcilmoil you’re going do it." So we went out back to pray to invite the spirit and I desired to state the prayer in Spanish but I couldn’t say it Española. I had to say it in English but I felt a power come over me and it was nothing I have ever felt before. Then I gave her a blessing and I have never given/heard a more powerful blessing before. There were times when I was about to say something but then I couldn’t. I have only heard stories of things like this before and then it happened to me. I have never seen so much before. I saw so many blessings for her and then after the blessing she was shaking. I couldn’t really breathe after either and I was in shock to. Then later on in the week I had to give another blessing to one of the sisters because she was sick. It was a good blessing. So now I have given three blessings. There are very good days and very hard days here. I feel like I’m in a prison and it is driving me crazy. Don’t worry I’m having so many great experiences here. I know there are things in store for me and I say things I MEAN THINGS. There are words that are said or I read and bam this feeling hits me and I tear up because of how amazing it is.

So the food is good. Breakfast is always the weirdest meal of the day. So every day we have sports and they have a weight set and weights but I have decided to give it up for 2 years. I am on the Lord’s time not mine. There will be weights when I come home and I can work out. Could you send me a mini preach my gospel in Española, por favor, I mean please. You and Dad can decide if you send it to the MTC or the mission home. The package takes about 2 -2.5 weeks to get here. Also I’m going to buy a new Book of Mormon because the one you gave me won’t last very long and I need tabs. I will still read the one you gave me. I got some sweet scripture cases and a Manchester United jersey and shorts for 13 American dollars. Things are so cheap here. We are going to the market tomorrow and I’m so excited.

So I asked my teacher to print off the lyrics to ‘Come Thou Fount’ so I can translate into Española because there isn’t an Española version. So this is what church is like. Everybody has to write a talk on a topic they give us then in Sacrament Meeting they pick random people to give the talk and the talk is in Spanish.Then we have priesthood after we have district meeting (Sunday School). For district meeting you and your companions have to prepare a lesson on the topic they give you then they pick two companionships to teach. So every Sunday you have no idea what’s going to happen. On Sunday I gave a lesson but I still haven’t had to speak.

So almost every night me and my friends have story night and story night is about girls our first kisses or funny random things you’ve done, it is one of the funniest things ever. I’m laughing constantly for a half hour or more. We love story night, I shared my story about the stalker and they all said it tops all stories and that’s a Fact Jack. Everybody loves my Si shirt. P days are so chill it’s sweet. So if you are running my Facebook my teacher is adding me and his name starts with an M don’t decline it because I want to keep in touch with him when I get home. We get new missionaries and I’m stoked. I can’t wait to see who is coming in. Also I’m going to send my prayer and my talks home to you and there is going to be something cool that comes with them. I am also getting Jesus The Christ in Española because I didn’t bring mine and I want to read it. Also I have only been to the temple once but I go again tomorrow. I got a sweet new tie. Nothing much is going on it’s the same old stuff. We are going to get a new zone leader this week. I hope I don’t get called because I have meetings all day Sunday and Sundays is when I have like 5 hours or more of personal study time and I love that time. I met Elder Carlos Amado, he gave us a devotional and it was great. (Tell Brett).
Love ya and I’ll write you and dad next week.

Elder John Dennison Mcilmoil
July 22, 2013

Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 25:26 and Alma 43:1

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