Thursday, July 18, 2013

Plane Ride And The Power Of Prayer

I want to tell you about the power of prayer. On the plan from LA to Guatemala they showed a movie. Since I was set apart and I'm now an elder and I know we are not supposed to watch movies or stuff. The movie started the plan and I was like crap what am I going to do. So I just closed my eyes but I couldn't sleep. I just sat there for who knows how long then I thought I should pray. I prayed that I could fall asleep so I wouldn't watch the movie and break all the rules. The Lord blessed me with sleep and i didn't watch or anything. The Lord does bless us even with simple things. My teacher at the MTC told me that obedience brings blessings but strict obedience brings miracles. The Lord has taught me so much this week. It is hard but awesome. Love you and I´ll write more next week.

Elder Mcilmoil
July 16, 2013  

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