Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Live Your Testimony And Witnessing A Miracle

Touching Hearts And Saving Souls
Tortillas for the week: 35

Well it is the last week in the mission, I just don’t know what to say except “I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!” It truly is. I am beyond grateful for this amazing oportunidad (opportunity) I still have to be a missioanry for algunos dias (a missionary for a few more days).
Teammates, Companions And Brothers Forever

I had my last multi zona conference and of course it was great. I was able to see my son (greenie) Elder Mendoza as well as Elder Perry, Elder Robelo and many other of my brothers. The message that President Smith gave was his best yet, he talked about testimony. Every time he gives a message he is more spiritual. I can’t even begin to share what I have learned from President Smith; he truly is a man of God. During his message he told us we always need to testify of the truth and of the Savior. He said you can never talk too much or testify too much of the Savior of the world, for this is His work and change is possible because He lives. He then said when we testify we will awaken the spirit of the people we are teaching. He counseled us that we need to live our testimony for it will change everything. He said a testimony will change eternity for someone. When he said those words I knew the most important thing I could do this last week is just to testify but not just at el final de la leccion (at the end of a lesson) but also when I teach little things like God is our Father and we are His children. I need to testify more often that I know we are His children or that I know that prophets have always been part of God’s work. I need to testify more often of the small and simple things. I also need to testify more often of my companion’s words. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and that is one of the things I treasure the most of being a missionary is to share my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement. We are so blessed to share the spiritual power of a testimony. I’m so grateful that I have this last week to put into greater action the counsel from President Smith and to testify of our Savior, whose work this is and who represent.
How Many Missionaries Can Fit In A Tut-Tut

Just a side note we will probably be having a baptism on Saturday. The hermano who will be baptized is Byran. He has made so much progress. He really wants to change and every time we visit with him, he has a greater understanding of what we are teaching. It is amazing and what is even more amazing is he reads the Book of Mormon every night!
Guatemala City Streets 

So yesterday was a very special day, so we went with some members to contact some references they had for us. We were able to contact one but second referral wasn’t home. It was pouring rain and as we knock on the door I see a man at another door. He isn’t wearing a shirt and he is covered in tattoos. As I walk over to his door and he closed it. I’m like I’m just going to knock. As I do one member is like what are you doing and then the guy answers the door. I tell him who we are and he invites us in. So we go in and this is where it all starts. We take a few minutes to get to know more about him and his family. His name is Angel. We begin to teach him and you guessed right, we teach him about THE RESTORATION! As we teach him and the more talk to him we witness a miracle, Angel understands everything! It was amazing! As we talked about the life of Christ he said how great of a privilege Peter had to have the keys of the kingdom, and to be the Lord’s prophet. Wow, who is this guy! We then explain about the apostasy with the example of a lightbulb falling to the floor, and how people took only pieces of the light (bulb) which is why there are so many churches with just pieces of God’s word. Elder Chavez asks, so hermano if the church is gone and there is no prophet and no authority do you think God loves us so much that He would call another prophet to give us His priesthood authority? And then I said hermano what if you find this church and that this church has God’s priesthood authority would you be willing to get baptized by those who have the priesthood authority? He said absolutely! Wow it was amazing not just his word but I wish you all could have felt the spirit that was there. When we finished teaching we knelt in prayer and during the prayer Angel cried as the spirit was touching his heart. It was just such a special experience. He invited us to come back and we will be teaching he and his family on Sunday! I learned this as I was teaching this family that God is everywhere, que dios esta en todos los lados, pero nuestro salvacion no esta en todo los lados, solo esta en uno. Our salvation is not everywhere it is only in one place, and that was our focus during the whole lesson, it was amazing. I testify this is the Lord’s work, He lives. I give you my personal witness that He lives, oh how sweet this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives.
Sweet Is The Work

What I love about Mom is that she taught me the importance of family, what I love about Dad is that he taught me the importance of being worthy.

con mucho amor, ducks forever,
Elder John Mcilmoil 
June 15, 2015
Aros de Cebolla

Scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 27:27 and Mosiah 2:6 and 9 

Keep your eyes on the temple 

“Relying upon the Savior’s Atonement, we can change. Of this I am certain,” Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

“This is the work of eternity. Don’t lose it now. Don’t blow it now. Give it all you’ve got.” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 

“What changes are required of us to become the manner of men we ought to be?” Elder Hallstrom

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