Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Every Day Obedience

Impressive Architecture 
Tortillas for the week: 16

This week was so crazy!! First off I got stuck in Xela an extra day this week because of protests (Elder Chavez had to go Guatemala City for his visa and I stayed with the Elders in Xela) and then we had something come up in the zone and we became watchmen. I also had divisions with another set of Elders so I only spent 3 nights in my own bed. And this week is going be another crazy week which is fine with me, I love when things are busy. This Thursday we are going to the temple!!! I am so stoked, I just love sitting in the temple; it feels like home because it is home.
Taking A Moment To Relax
One day this week when I was getting ready I was listening to a song called 'The Hardest Thing I've Ever Loved To Do' and it hit that my mission is coming to an end, and its coming to end super-fast. Each day keeps getting faster and my hope is that I still have time to do some great things. I truly wish time would just slow down! It is so difficult to know that I only have 3 transfers left until my mission comes to a close and I will return home. I don't want it to the end. I'm so grateful for each and every day to serve the Lord because of who I have become.
Elder Mac: The Dog Whisperer 
This past district meeting we felt strongly we needed to have workshops and each leader taught a class. Elder Perry taught a class, the sister leaders taught a class and then I taught a class. The district leader was also going to teach but he got sick. The theme of the workshops was the Restoration; each class was very different but the focus was the same. From what I heard the zone just loved it. We are doing it again this week. As I had said before we are really focusing on the Restoration and as the mission has experienced this change you can truly feel that the Lord is hastening His work. As we focus on the Restoration we also find los escogidos (the elect), the ones that the Lord said, "They will hear my voice." It is happening and it is amazing! I wish I could be a full time missionary forever, to have all the time in the world to dedicate my time to the Lord, serve Him and preach His gospel.
Welcome To HueHue

This weekend we had divisions, I went to Tojocaz and it was the bomb. I have to give props to Elder Stoelzing and his comp Elder Salazar, they are boss in the mission field. My heart just aches for them because they work so hard and don't get the success they deserve. They are hardly teaching anyone and they are constantly talking to people. I went over there to help them, well they helped me. I learned so much from them. They showed me to relax and enjoy the mission. One thing I was able to provide help was when they would street contact. We stopped this lady and I talked with her I was able to show them the difference between what I said and what they were saying when they street contacted. The difference is that I would teach by asking preguntas inspiradas (inspired questions) and testificar (testify) and not just talk. As I did this the 2 elders were able to see the spirit touching this lady's heart. I was able to catch her attention through the miracle that happened that morning and it is not a coincidence that I studied chapter 9 in Preach My Gospel. The focus of the chapter is finding new investigators to teach. As I read one section the spirit told me that is what I needed to do to show these 2 young Elders by example. After talking with this lady they said your contact was so much better and this was the opportunity to teach and I asked why? They said because you taught, testified and asked preguntas inspiradas (inspired questions). This 2 Elders will do amazing things. It was a very neat experience for me and them as we taught each other.
Band Of Brothers
To end this email I want to end with an experience I had during a lesson when I was in Tojocaz. We go to an eternal investigator's house and we sit down and these 2 young Elders start to teach the lesson. Elder Stolezing has 8 months and Elder Salazar only has 2 weeks, so it didn't start off great but they were trying so hard. I felt prompted to ask a question as I noticed on the wall of this lady's house was a paper that said, "Me and my house will serve the Lord this day." So I asked, "Hermana what does that scripture mean to you?" She said I don't know. I then ask, "Are you and your family serving the Lord?" She responded by saying no we are not. I asked, "How can you and your family serve the Lord?" She gave basic seminary answers but she never said anything about baptism. As I asked more questions I knew she doesn't have a testimony of the Restoration, she didn't even understand it. I have learned that for the spirit to work through me I must serve el se├▒or cada dia obediently, not on just some dias. Every day obedience helps me to understand how I can teach His lost sheep to Come Unto Him. I will serve obediently all the day long and every day. As we taught her you could feel the spirit. I know that lesson will help her progress towards baptism especially now that Elders know they need to teach her simply, clearly and with testimony.  
Elder Mac And Elder Perry: All Is Well
Yesterday the ward sent off a sister to serve in the Guatemala Coban Mission. It was a neat experience. It just shows us that the Lord will always call us to advance His work and that each missionary is called of God.
Hastening The Work

What I love about Mom is that she taught me how to serve, what I love about Dad is that he taught me to answer the Lord's call when someone asks for help.

Con mucho amor, Ducks Forever,
Elder Mcilmoil
March 2, 2015
We Will Bring The World His Truth
Scripture of the week:  Mosiah 3:13 

Millions shall know ‘Brother Joseph’ again.

The revelations poured out upon Joseph Smith affirm that he was a prophet of God.

Something to think about: Your mission is a reflection of the way you will live the rest of your life.
Throwback To P-Days With Elder Moncada

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