Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crazy Story And Teaching Children Of God

My New Friend Hammie
Let’s see we haven’t had light for 12 days! And we have no idea when it is coming back on. It is kind of nice not having light because the moon lights everything up at night. The downside is NO COLD WATER TO DRINK and we can’t use the fridge. This week is going to be a hard week for the whole mission-2 words-HOLY WEEK (Semana Santa). Here in my area the people re-enact Christ’s life, the baptism and other parts of His life then they crucify someone (with rope). They also crucify 2 others (with rope). A very different and unusual Easter tradition.
Me And Elder Gates
We had divisions this week with the zone leaders. It was fun but boy do I have a story! Since there wasn’t light the people in Camoja were protesting. So that meant Elder Gates and I couldn’t get back to my area, the people had the road blocked off with rope and boulders. There were also guys with machetes and they like wouldn’t let anyone pass. It was so crazy! We decided to leave and go get something to eat. We found a little store and bought a couple of bags of tortrix (Guatemalan corn chips.) We decided to go back down to see if anything had changed. As we were waiting to pass we saw people making their own options by going downhill to pass or going up this little hill. Elder Gates and I looked at each other and we both said, “What you looks very tempting.” Then I said, “What are you feeling Elder?” He said, “Not a good idea.” I agreed. We had been waiting for over an hour, so I decided to make eye contact with one of the main guys and he pointed at the rope asking if I wanted to pass, I nodded yes. He nodded to come to him. I told Elder Gates and we went over to him to pass through and the he said, “HEY LET THESE PEOPLE PASS; THEY ARE MORMONS; THEY ARE MISSIONARIES, THEY ARE MEN OF GOD, LET THEM THROUGH." He said it way loud! Some people were not very happy about us being able to pass through. As we were passing through I stopped and shook the man’s hand and said. “God bless you.” Some were so mad that I stopped to tell this guy thank you. It turned out to be a good experience.
Somewhere In Guatemala
Also during divisions I learned so much from Elder Gates. I love this man. The one thing he told me was Mac you can’t let anyone tell you WHAT YOU CANNOT DO. You can’t because you can do whatever you want. He said don’t listen to that crap, even if members say you can’t baptize here, they just go inactive or no one wants to listen to your message and be baptized, just don’t listen to it Mac. He also shared this, “The LORD ALWAYS WANTS YOU TO BAPTIZE ALWAYS, because this is His work you just got to work for it. Always remember if you work hard enough you will get baptisms, but you have to truly work for it. The Lord wants you to baptize but you have to go find those people He has prepared. That’s the part you got to work at Mac, is the finding, the Lord knows His sheep.” It was amazing to work with Elder Gates and we worked hard. I’m so grateful for his advice. I wish we could serve together as companions but he goes home in June.
Daily Rain
We might have a baptism this Saturday. It depends on if this lady recognizes her answer as she prays to follow Christ. Her name is Anny. She is so very nice and wants to learn more about the gospel and follow the Savior. As we were teaching her we asked her how much love do you have for the Savior? She said she loved Him so much, with all her heart. We then asked to her read John 14:15, which says, "If ye love me, keep my commandments.” She looked at us when she finished reading and said thanks and her thank you was full of meaning. We said, “Sister baptism is a commandment. Pray about it and if you receive an answer before Saturday will you be baptized?” And she said, “Yes.” It was very cool.
Me And Carlos Hitching A Ride
Yesterday (Sunday) we had a two branch training meeting. It was amazing. The brother that came up to train is the 2nd counselor in the Mission Presidency. He taught with power and authority. It was a very good experience. After he talked with the two branches he talked with the branch presidencies. He talked about his mission and he said he baptized 13-14 people a month. He said this, “Your success isn’t by the numbers; it’s by the chosen, the prepared who you worked to find. That’s your success. The question you need to ask did you find those people that were ready for you.” It helped me realize that I don’t teach investigators, I teach children of God. Who have real challenges, real feelings, real dreams, they have real trials, real lives. I teach daughters and sons of God. I can’t see them as investigators; I must see them as children of God. These children are not just a stat at the end of every day; they are children trying to listen to the good Shepherd’s voice. So don’t see your friends or even family members who don’t have the gospel just as people. See them as children of God who need to come back to their Father. Share with them that their loving Father in Heaven, who loves them so much, sent His perfect Son, Jesus Christ, to teach us a better way to live. And the greatest gift Jesus gave to us was His life. He paid the price for our sins, died on the cross, and rose from the dead—providing a way for each one of us to return and live with our Heavenly Father someday. He is waiting for our return back to His presence to embrace each one of us. So go and share the gospel with God’s children. It’s our duty as members of the church of Jesus Christ.
More Of My Artwork
What I love about Mom is that she sent me the Mormon Message that Christ wants to forgive. What I love about Dad are his burgers! (Man I’m craving a burger so bad right now)

Love you all,
Elder Mcilmoil
April 14, 2014
The Kids Artwork
Tortilla count for the week: 63

Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 1:30…ARE YOU THAT FRIEND?????

“Preach The Gospel AT ALL Times IF Necessary Use Words.” President Uchtdorf  

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