Monday, September 2, 2013

First Area: Chichicastenango Guatemala

My first area is Chichicastenango. It was about a 3 to 4 hour drive for the CCM. By the way they have some sweet climbs for you to do, but not safe. It was fun being with the other Elders from the CCM. Anyway my trainer is Latino so communication is very difficult. I am also learning words in K'iche' and it is a very different language but I kind of understand it better than espanol. The only language I can compare it to is Tongan and an Asian language. I am still learning Spanish, most people speak both.
Some days are so difficult. I can't talk to anyone and I feel so alone at times. I have found myself on knees so many times with tears in my eyes just pleading. I know if its not hard its not worth it. I also know in a year things will be way different, President B goes home. I just have the strongest feeling that in a year we will be teaching like the ancients; like Alma and Amulek, Ammon and his brothers and all the other missionaries from the greatest book in the world--THE BOOK OF MORMON. I love my mission president and his wife, he is awesome and she is just so nice. I have given out 2 Books of Mormon. Both were to drivers, sometimes we have to take cabs or buses which are vans to places. One spoke English so I shared my words in English. I have had two run ins with drunks. One was a investigator and it was heartbraking. I was crying and I didn't even know this guy. Also last night we were at a house and they started to watch a movie so I went outside to pray/talk or converse with Heavenly Father and I asked that I would feel your and Dad's love and three minutes later 2 ducks come wading up. I was like of course it has to be ducks. It was cool and very special. 
The culture here is so different and people here can't drive. It is so scary! The people here listen to popular American music all in solid English, it's so weird. It has rained everyday and it gets a little chilly at night. I wore the tie you gave me and Greg on Sunday, since it was his speaking assignment. It was so powerful. I also blessed the sacrament in Spanish. I asked the Bishop when he needed me to speak in church. I will be speaking September 8th on repentance. For p-day, today, we played some v-ball with the district and had lunch. We also bought food for the next month/week and then my comp wants to take a nap, I'm not going to I'm going to use that time to study. If you get the chance thank the elders for me at home, Elder Guzman and Elder Hernandez. They have helped so much. I use what they taught me. Splits helped more than I thought. I can't thank them enough. So you gotta  start a tortilla count. I have had 5 so far! 

The Lord has answered my prayers today by reading e-mails and finding my coin you gave me, I lost it for a day. I love you and Dad so much.  What I love about you and Dad is what sweet comfort your words bring. I know this church is true and the Book of Mormon is true and is the greatest book ever written. Love you and talk to you next Monday. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Mcilmoil
August 25, 2013

Scriptures of the week: 

John 15:19. We are people of Christ and not of this world. We need to let our light shine!

3 Nefi 12:14-16. We need to follow Christ and declare his word and let go of our nets and love him with our might mind and strength. We need to do what Dallin H. Oaks says in his talk Followers of Christ

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