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The Blessings Of Interviews With President Smith

The Huehue Centro Zone
The Big City Of Huehue
Tortillas for the week: 10

So my zone consists of 18 missionaries, 5 sets of sisters, 3 sets of elders as well as myself and my comp. It is nice to have such a big zone but it is weird that there are sisters in our zone since I haven’t had any sister missionaries in my zone for over 8 months. Serving as Zone Leader and guiding more sisters then elders is way different but I like it. There is a lot I can learn from the sisters since they choose to come; whereas it a priesthood duty for young men. For all of us serving a mission is a blessing beyond explaining. As I said before it is so different serving in city than in the smaller areas of the mission. For example here Huehue we have a legit store, it is kind of like Walmart but definitely not Walmart. I can get root beer and other stuff that is not as exciting as the root beer. It does remind me of stores like back in the states. Not only did I by root beer last week I also bought Campbell’s clam chowder. Yes I am excited about this store and all the options; it has been a very long time since having a place to buy familiar food. Ok enough about the store.
Celebrating Elder Moncada's 20 Month Mark
Do you guys remember Josue (Hermana Cony’s nephew)? This is crazy but he lives in our zone and we met with him and we are having dinner with him tomorrow night! I am so happy that he is here, I love this man; it is such a tender mercy for me to be able to have him in the zone. The Lord’s hand is truly in each of our lives. 
"Man Fell That Men Might Be"
"Holy Big Lime"
This week was a little rough but my heart is full of gratitude. We had interviews with President Smith. I don’t even know how to express my love and gratitude for this man. When I walked in and sat down President Smith said what do you want to talk about? I had to think what do I want to talk about because I had so much I wanted to discuss but my main concern was how can I take care of the flock (zone) and show them that I love them as I been called to watch over them. He said one of the biggest things you can do is always think how can I bless them, not preach, teach or train them but how can I bless them. If you do that the spirit will work through you and Father in Heaven will honestly speak through you. During this interview I have never felt so much love, I felt President Smith’s love but more important I felt Heavenly Fathers love. It was an experience I will never forget. We talked about a few other things and I said to him, I feel different, I felt like I had more faith three weeks ago. I feel like my faith has dropped. He then said you need to understand in each calling the Lord will bless you differently. As I think about that, its true, as a Branch President the Lord blessed me with different gifts and he made me more aware of different things but as a Zone Leader he is blessing me differently. First of all my responsibly is over the missionaries not the members anymore. So He is going to bless me with gifts for the missionaries not gifts for a branch, He will continue to bless me with gifts but in a different way. Also I don’t have a book like Bishops or Branch Presidents do to provide me with instruction and guidance when I don’t fully understand my responsibility. I have different book of instruction and guidance to help me to take care of the zone. President Smith said, Elder Mcilmoil I want you to do this, get a brand new copy of the Book of Mormon and truly study to truly know God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. There is a great difference in believing or knowing that there is a God and in knowing God. We can receive eternal life and salvation from knowing the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom he has sent. For Jesus Christ said, “… this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” (John 17:3.) I invite all of you to get unmarked Book of Mormon and start over from the beginning and study with the purpose to know God and His Son, Jesus Christ. To know God is to be like Him which us gives us purpose and strength to stand firm in our testimony. Commit to study from a new unmarked Book of Mormon to truly to know God and you will see that your faith has actually grown and you will receive understanding to life’s challenges with renewed hope in good things to come.
This One's For Chance!!!
Just a side note l am starting to put more of a focus in the New Testament; I need gain a better understanding about our Saviors life so that I may learn how to lead and love in the way He did.
 "I'm Handsome"
"God Loves Me"
We had an amazing lesson with a lady by the name of Alanca about prophets. She told us all need is the Bible because it has all the commandments. I shared with her this example, if every day I look at pornography, Am I sinning? If I all need to do is follow the Ten Commandments, then no. God has called prophets to give new commandments as well teaching us to importance of following all God’s commandment including the Ten Commandments. We need prophets today to receive revelation from God on how to protect ourselves from new sins and addictions in our day. Just as prophets of old, the prophets today speak boldly and clearly, denouncing sin and warning of its consequences. Our greatest safety in avoiding sin is strictly following the word of the Lord given through His prophets. I know as we follow the prophet we will be protected from the things of this world that can lead us astray.
Got Milk?
All I can say is that the Lord’s love can heal anyone and His love has a promise which is found in a hymn I love, ‘If You Could Hie To Kolob’  
There is no end to glory;
There is no end to love;
There is no end to being;
There is no death above.
There is no end to glory;
There is no end to love;
There is no end to being;
There is no death above. 
As I read the words in this hymn I find so much comfort as I experienced how hard it was to leave my first area Chichi and then it was even harder to leave San Antonio and now I have a small glimpse of how hard it is going to be to leave any area I serve in but I know the hardest will be when it is time to go home. It brings me comfort because I will see my family here in Guatemala. There is no end, no such thing as the end and I testify of this with all the humbleness of my heart.
Elder's Quorum BBQ
EQ Activity=Soccer, BBQ, And Fun
What I love about Mom is that her love is endless and what I love about Dad is that his priesthood power is endless.

Con amor, Ducks forever!!!!!!!!!
Elder Mcilmoil
October 27, 2014
My Wall Of Encouragement
Scripture of the week: John 13:35

“Hope On, Journey On” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“I may not be my brothers keeper but I am my brothers brother” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 

“Courage not compromise brings the smile of Gods approval” President Thomas S. Monson
Stairway To Heaven?
The City Lights Of Huehue

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