Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Changes And I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Saying Goodbye
Love My Brothers
Tortillas for the week: 35

Where to begin this week, we had the most amazing tender mercy yesterday, WE HAD 34 PEOPLE AT CHURCH!!!!!! What a tender mercy! When I counted I was just so humbled and in that moment I knew that this was my last Sunday and it is, I am being changed (transferred) and will be released as branch president but I have called to serve as a zone leader. This week has been countdown to being changed (transferred) with the experiences I have had throughout the week. I knew I was going to be changed especially after the experience I had on Friday. This is what happened, again another tender mercy, Friday night we had an activity and we watched The Restoration video (www.lds.org/media-library/video/2008-06-01-the-restoration?lang=eng) As we were watching I felt the spirit telling me to write down on a slip of paper “Will you share your testimony of…...." and give a slip of paper to a few people. I did and wow, was it amazing! I gave a slip of paper to Ana Paula which said “Will you share your testimony of The Book of Mormon.” What a powerful yet so humble testimony. In the moment she opened her mouth I could see in her eyes that she now knows, she knows The Book of Mormon is true. I also gave a slip of paper to a young man, Edvin, that asked him to share his testimony about the Atonement and again it was another wow moment. I shared with him after how powerful and strong his testimony is on the Atonement. He looked at me and with a humble heart said thank you. The activity was so very powerful and was confirmation to me that how much we have all changed and progressed and that it was time for me to go.
I'm Going To Miss This Kid!
It just seems every day this week something would happen as a confirmation that I would be changed (transferred) but everyone was saying no you’re not going we still need you which made it even harder because I knew it was time and I did not want to go, I love these people more than I could ever express. All week long I kept the meaning of this hymn in my heart and found peace in the words: ‘I’LL GO WHERE YOU WANT ME TO GO.’ I love this hymn and it has been the hymn of the week especially today as there are many tears since I’m leaving San Antonio Huista Huehuetenango tomorrow.
"Elder Piñata"
"Elder Piñata" Having A Very Bad Day
We also had zone meeting this week. Elder Turner shard his final testimony as a missionary in our zone since he will be going home. It is sad to see him go because he is such a good missionary. So during the meeting we talked about the law of consecration (a divine principle whereby men and women voluntarily dedicate their time, talents, and material wealth to the establishment and building up of God’s kingdom) and being a consecrated missionary. The question was asked why to do need to live the law of consecration?  I said to show the Lord that every day we will dedicate our time to him. No one responded so I continued and said for example when we go home we still need to be a disciple of Christ and commit to living the law of consecration. By doing so we will show the Lord how much we really do love him and what we are willing consecrate ourselves more fully to Him. As Elder Holland talked about that if you go back to that person you were before the mission you will break the heart of the living Son of God, and you will show him that you didn’t care and that you were only willing to give up things for only a time but not every day for the rest of your life. As I was speaking those words it made me realize that my desire to stay in San Antonio was just a selfish desire and that day I got on my knees and said I am sorry, sorry for being so selfish. I knew that the Lord was showing me that I have a lot to change but He is saying let’s work on things one at a time; it was a big eye opener to my selfish desires.

Another thing I experienced this week was the Lord showing me how important it is to have the spirit with you always and that simple things can drive the spirit away. When we were waiting for an activity to start I was with the youth and we started to tell some jokes and I told a few jokes that were not so bad but they definitely were not the best and I felt the spirit leave. I was like what did I do, why did I do that. I learned that we are the ones that drive the spirit away and how much we take the spirit for granted at times. It was a very interesting experience and one I needed to see that what think are simple and harmless things can truly drive the spirit away.
Some Days You Just Have To Drink From A Coconut
Yesterday we talked with the youth about the temple. It was neat just to see them understand the importance of the temple and how every day we need to prepare to enter in the temple. In gospel principles we talked about las familias son eternas (families are forever) and at the end of class a thought came to mind to ask the two youth who attend gospel principles if they are praying for their future wife or future husband as counseled by Tad R. Callister in General Conference. They both said yes, not every day but we do. I about fell over, that was not the answer I was expecting especially since they are younger than me. I was shocked they were already doing this and then I thought why am I not doing this. So pray for your future family everyone and your family will be blessed beyond measure.
Making Totillas
Master Tortilla Maker

What I love about Mom is that she loves and what I love about Dad is that he taught me that it’s ok to cry at times. Love you two.

con mucho amore, ducks forever
Elder John D. Mcilmoil
October 13, 2014

Trust in God.

Scripture of the week: Alma 22:4

We are called by the spirit of prophecy

Stay strong, the light will always come.

“Hold fast to what you already know” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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