Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rocks, Elder Clark and A Shooting Star

Yep I Got This
Elder Mac, Master Rock Mover
This week was a tough one. We went to see the 1st counselor at his house and we were told that he was moving rocks at the back of the house. When we went back there to talk with him, I instantly knew they needed help. Without hesitation we went straight to work. All I can say after helping this family is I LOVE SERVICE, I know it sounds crazy but it was so fun. Offering service is amazing! I LOVE SERVICE, you just feel MORE CHRIST LIKE when serving others. It was great to talk and laugh as we working. When we returned back to our house (the church) that night I felt like I just played in a football game. My shoulders were so sore and they had some good bruises on them. The pain was so worth it to help this family.
Just A Few Rocks To Move
A Good Day
On Wednesday some students from a university did an interview with us about the church, they were going around and talking to people who belonged to other churches to learn more about their beliefs. It was a sweet experience. I had a blast talking with the students and sharing with them about our beliefs. One question they asked was, “How do we receive an answer?” I told them in the Bible, in the book of James it says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.” And I then said if you want to receive an answer ask of God and He will answer your prayer through the power of the Holy Ghost. I also shared with them if you truly want to know what church is true, ask of God, He will answer. 
Daughters of God
No Greater Joy
Yesterday was Monday and we did not have our regular p-day because we had a meeting with Elder Clark, assistant Executive Director in the Missionary Department and his wife Sister Clark and President and Sister Bautista. It was an amazing meeting. Sister Bautista shared some amazing things; she said a lot of your investigators don’t want to offend the religion of their fathers by accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ. So we need to teach them of their forefathers and what church they were a part of, the church of Jesus Christ. Then President Bautista talked about the Good Ole Days, yep the Good Ole Days. He said today is the Good Ole Days because every prophet looked forward to our day and every scripture was written for our day. He said, “Hermanas and Elders, you are living in the Good Ole Days, so live it up by living and sharing the good news of gospel. After President Bautista finished speaking Sister Clark spoke to us. She said, “You are walking with the Savior, shoulder to shoulder, if you are not obedient He can’t walk with you.” Power and profound words.  After her remarks Elder Clark taught us, let me just say that he taught by the spirit with power and authority. He talked about our name tags, he said, “Look at your name tag every night and think did you use the name Elder like it is supposed to be used, did you honor your last name, did you represent the name of Jesus Christ and did you represent Him that day?” He said treasure the title Elder, because if you are not a General Authority or an Apostle, you will never be called Elder again. An Elder is commissioned to stand in the place and stead of his Master—who is the Chief Elder—in ministering to his fellowmen. An Elder is the Lord’s agent. His responsibility is to preach the gospel and perfect the Saints. He said being a missionary is Not A Right, it is a PRIVLEGE! He had all the Latinos stand up and said these exact words, “Let me prophesy right now, 5 of you (Latinos) will go inactive.” As he said those words my heart just broke. I stated crying and just kept saying, don’t say that, just don’t. He talked about obedience and said out of all things that are most important it is obedience. He said where is your white bible? Open it up and you will read these are the basic standards of missionary service and conduct, better known as "RULES.” This is false doctrine. They are actually COMMANDMENTS, not rules because rules are easier to break and not feel bad about breaking them. When we break commandments we feel bad and don’t want to break them! Keep these commandments and your mission will be amazing. He also shared with us that your missions are a very special time, you are not on your time, you are on the Lord’s time and this is not your mission, it is the Lord’s mission. If you see that and know that you can and will say just as Elder Holland says, “My Mission meant everything to me in my life. Everything. No young man could have served a Mission and been more effected by it than I was.” Elder Clark counseled us to baptize families. He said by baptizing families there is a better chance your converts will stay active after you leave. He told us when you teach; teach with the temple as your goal, not just baptism. Temples bring forth eternal blessing and forever families. He also counseled us that we must read and study the Book Of Mormon and Preach My Gospel every day! So this week I read the Book Of Mormon with a sincere heart and with true intent and I could feel my faith had increased and was also strengthened.
Me and Elder Smith, Best Missionary Ever!
Window Selfie
On Sunday night I was on the roof of our house (the church) and I asked Heavenly Father if thou are listening please show me by letting me see a shooting star. So I sat there and waited and nothing. I decided to wait a little longer and then the clouds took over and there was no star in sight. As I sat there the zone leaders called to tell us that our district wouldn’t be having any changes. After the call I went back out and sat there and again nothing happened. It was time to go back inside and as started to close the door and I looked one last time and I saw it, I saw the shooting, it was just barley bright enough for me to see. When I saw it my eyes begin to fill with tears and I just wept thanking the Lord. I felt so happy because this month a lot of things have happened, things that I didn’t expect or didn’t want to happen. I have sought heavens help and often times felt as if the heavens were closed. As I saw this star I knew my all prayers were going to be answered in time and that Father in Heaven is listening to me. A number of my prayers were also answered the following day at our conference with Elder Clark. One question I had thinking about was why am I here? Is it just to baptize. Elder Clark said these words you missionaries are here to guide people to salvation, you are bringing people to the knowledge of salvation not just by baptism but by the temple, so families can be forever, our goal is eternal families. Teach that our Savior lives. President Bautista showed Because of Him.
As I watched this video a little feeling came over me and put a ball in my throat and I knew my Savior does live. I give you my witness that because of Him there is not an end, the grave has no victory and regret becomes relief and we have second chances. I know HE LIVES and because He lives we ALL will LIVE AGAIN.

What I love about Mom is that we share Mormon Messages back and forth. What I love about Dad is that he puts duck call videos in my drop box.

With love, Ducks Forever,
Elder Mcilmoil
April 29, 2014
Ammon, Defender Of Faith
Ducks Forever
Tortilla count for the week: 45

Scripture of the week: James 1:5 and 1 Peter 3:15  Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.

“NO EMPTY CHAIRS” Anna Christine “Chris” Cook; I should say GRAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!   

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