Sunday, August 18, 2013

No Water, Prayer And Tie Trade Friday

Lets see what happened this week. Walmart was great, got some candy. Went to McDonald's after wards and its way better here than back home. It was sooooooooooooooooooo goooood. I ordered a double Big Mac, FOUR patties and I pounded that sucker. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. The package has not arrived. When you send another one make sure to put ELDER John Mcilmoil so I don't have to pay a tax if they decide to scan it and see something. Its weird but when it has elder on it they know not to scan it.

So the MTC ran out of water, it has been gone for the past three nights so me and the other elders in my district shower with big five gallon buckets with purified water. It has never felt so good to drink water when showering. Got love purified water. Almost every night we have song night. Its only when we have the showers working. We sing hymns and as loud as possible because the showers are loud. We always finish with Called To Serve and Armies Of Helaman.

My Spanish is getting better. We are trying to do solo espanol from 9 in the morning to 6 at night. Wow it is tough but it is good. Also I study Spanish now during deportes which is sports time. I have realized so many things here, it's wow. I gave another blessing this past week. It was a very good blessing and afterwards I thanked the Lord for that opportunity to give that blessing. I said things I've never said before. I am learning what prayer is. Prayer is a conversation between you and the Lord. It is like a face to face conversation but sometimes its only you talking. I have learned it is not successful if you don't let the spirit guide your prayer. When you let the spirit guide your prayer you can say what your heart truly desires and pray for things that will never have been said before. When I pray my comps say Elder Mcilmoil is conversing with the Lord again, I just smile and laugh and yes I am. It is so important to pray. Also when something is on your mind is usually from the spirit. I have never had so many one topic things on my mind before. I'm learning what true joy is as expressed in Alma 27:16-18.

Can you get Greg a pink and blue tie for me and I will write him a letter and share what each means. I gave away one tie on Friday. Every Friday is tie trade Friday. I gave away the football tie, it was time to move on from that life. Even thou I loved that tie it had so many meanings to me I realized that it was time to move on from my old life and become like Ammon, Alma, Captain Moroni, Amulek, Helaman and Peter and devote my life to the Lord. I have never had so many weird thoughts. Its kinds strange and different. I don't know if it's the spirit showing me things in the future or my mind bringing Book of Mormon stories to my life but its cool. I'm so excited that I have one more week left here. I cant believe how fast 6 weeks has gone by and I can't imagine how fast time will go by in the field. It makes me sad when I think about it. 

Dad this is for you to remember about what ties mean:
Azul (Blue)-Love the people
Color de Rosa (Pink)-Love the Lord
Blanco (White)-Cleansed from sin
Rojo (Red)-Doctrine and Covenants19:18 (if you don't have a red tie get one.)
Amarillo (Yellow)-The kingdom of God 
Oro (Gold)-The gold plates 
Gris (Grey or Silver)-The Swords of Ammon, 2000 Strippling Warriors and Captain Moroni

I don't know if next email will be in two weeks or next week at the mission home but whenever it is I will write. 

What I love about MOM and DAD is that we read the Book of Mormon every night. 

Love you,
Elder Mcilmoil 
August 13, 2013

p.s. One day till season 4-Duck Dynasty

Scripture of the week: D&C 112:14,28

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  1. Wow, what an amazing elder! It touched my heart to see how much elder McIlmoil has grown in the last six weeks, especially through some health and language challenges. It's hard to think that less than two months ago he was "little John" and now he's an ELDER in the "Army of Helaman". I'm so proud of him. And so impressed by the how his parents have raised such an amazingly sweet and courageous missionary. Kudos to you mom & dad! Carry on elder. Carry on.